Services We Offer

Ideation to Prototyping

With our expert team, we have designed and developed various ideation levels to prototypes. Do you need one? We are here to offload your burden. Ping Us

Internet of Things Labs

We provide educational services and design packages for education and corporates for their in-house training and tinkering Labs.

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Trainings and Workshops

We offer over 40 specialized training courses, all designed by industry experts and kept current as technologies and best practices change. Our learners, both current and alumni, have echoed their praise about our robust training program, breadth and depth of course offerings and expert instructors

Core Services

  • Feasibility Studies and Conceptualisation

    Determining the viability of an idea, such as ensuring a project is legally and technically feasible as well as economically justifiable. It tells us whether a project is worth the investment—in some cases, a project may not be doable

  • Design and Development

    Developing Prototype to Product of the idea, making sure every bits and pieces are designed with perfection

  • Application and App Development

    Connected devices to presence enabled the app, every kind of new age technology-based solutions are at our fingertips.

  • Educational Services

    We strive hard to enable the building block of a person to be as strong as diamond.

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