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Robokraft Inc offers huge business opportunities for various people.

Below is a list of business opportunities for -

  • ·         Dealers, Online Store Vendors and Distributors
  • ·         Investors
  • ·         Manufacturers
  • ·         Developers and Inventors

Dealers, Online Store Vendors and Distributors:
Robokraft Inc is in search for dealers, online store vendors and distributors  who are willing in selling any of our product(s) to expand the world of electronics. We offer Heavy discounts for bulk purchases. We provide warranty and the after sales support. If Interested,  please contact us at

Robokraft Inc was started revolutionize our lives with a taste of Automation ,Robotics and Internet of things. We provide high quality development tools and components at rates that are highly affordable, we try to enable electronics and robotics hobbyists, researchers, and developers pursue their interest. We, more importantly, hope to attract new people into this very exciting and promising field.

We at Robokraft Inc are ourselves robotics hobbyists and enthusiast and hence we perfectly fit into the shoes of our target customers to provide them with just the right tools and components at the right price.
Robokraft Inc is currently a privately held business. If you would like to invest in us, please contact us at

If you are a manufacturer, and has products related to robotics or electronics to sell, we would love to have your product in our store. When buying any product, we look for good quality, usefulness, uniqueness and cost. We expect the manufacturer to provide any future support for the product. We usually buy in bulk, in quantities of 25-100 at a time. If you are a manufacturer and have a product to offer us, please contact us at

Developers and Inventors
If you have a product you want to sell, we would love to have it on our site. We are looking for serious people and products. Products that fill a particular void, purpose or use. If you have one such product, you would like to sell, contact us.

We may have to make changes to the product so that its manufacturing becomes economical in a way that its end performance remains almost unaffected. You may choose to manufacture the product yourself, or leave the job for us. You may also opt for a onetime payment for the transfer of rights to manufacture the products or chose to get a portion of the profit from each sale of the product. If you have any product to sell on our site, please contact us at


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